The national redress scheme is an initiative by the Australian government to address the harm and trauma experienced by survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. Its aim is to provide monetary compensation, tangible support, and a formal apology to eligible applicants who suffered abuse in institutions that were under the purview of the government, such as schools, churches, and youth organizations.

Recently, an intergovernmental agreement was signed by all states and territories in Australia, making them formally part of the national redress scheme. This agreement cements the commitment of all parties to provide redress to survivors and ensures that the scheme is accessible to all who qualify, regardless of where in Australia the abuse occurred.

The agreement is a significant step forward in providing justice and closure for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. It demonstrates a united effort by the Australian government and all states and territories to address the failures of the past and provide support to those who have suffered immeasurable harm.

Under the national redress scheme, survivors will have access to a range of support services, including counseling, health care, and financial assistance. In addition, they will have the opportunity to have their voices heard through a formal apology from the institution responsible for their abuse.

Importantly, the scheme is not limited to survivors who have already come forward. The agreement commits all parties to work proactively to identify and engage with survivors who may not be aware of the redress scheme or who have not yet spoken out about their abuse.

In conclusion, the intergovernmental agreement on the national redress scheme is a positive step towards addressing the harm and trauma caused by institutional child sexual abuse in Australia. The commitment of all states and territories to the scheme ensures that justice and support will be available to survivors, regardless of where the abuse occurred. The national redress scheme provides hope for survivors that they will receive the support and recognition they deserve for the harm they endured.